ICHRA Quotes for Broker Clients

We’ve built the easiest and quickest way to quote the ICHRA for your group broker client base.
Forget waiting 14-21 days for quotes — you can get an ICHRA quote back in just a few business days.
Our team knows the ins and outs of the health insurance marketplace and will guide you towards solution that make the most sense for your business and your team.
We handle all individual enrollments and Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) considerations. 
Liferaft will run a cost-benefit analysis on your company's current healthcare spending and show you different ways you can save—without sacrificing plan quality.
Liferaft compensates you for referring a group with a monthly revenue stream.
Based on your company's goals, Liferaft will design a unique plan for your employee's health insurance, including suggested plans and accounts, plan policy documents, and the annual budget.
Get a tailored ICHRA quote for your group.
Once you submit, we will start crunching the numbers!
Based on your group size, expect your ICHRA quote back in:
• 24 hours for <10 employees
• 2 business days for 10-100 employees
• 3 business days for 100+ employees
Get a tailored ICHRA quote for your group.


We make it easy to offer ICHRAs to your clients.
Submit the client census
We will review your client's current spending and employee census, returning a quote within a few business days.

Our team will generate a custom report showing how much it would cost your client to start offering an ICHRA.
Design the package
Liferaft will work with you to craft a proposal to show your client, including your desired commission amount per employee and the recommended budget for their health insurance and optional benefits.

Our team will meet with each individual employee and recommend plans based on their unique situation.
Set up the accounts
Liferaft’s technology makes setting up and managing a HRA easy.

Administering a Liferaft HRA account takes less than 5 minutes a month, allowing your client to focus on real HR issues.

Our customers love us.

The Liferaft team is incredibly friendly, communicative, and supportive.

The entire staff is very reliable. I've never had a situation where there was an issue I couldn't resolve.

— Johnny Lopez, Insurance Agent & Liferaft Client
I know I’ll get medical bills even though I have health insurance.

Knowing my Liferaft policy pays me cash benefits means I have less to worry about.

— Bobby, Liferaft Client
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Empower your employees
Employees select their healthcare plan
Your employees choose the healthcare and benefits package that works the best for their situation and region, benefiting from lower rates on your state's individual exchange.
Reimburse their costs tax-free
Your employees submit a request for their tax-free reimbursement in Liferaft's easy-to-use 100% digital portal. You decide what level you would like to reimburse.
Gain flexibility, without losing quality
Liferaft’s technology makes it easy to give your employees a choice in their healthcare, saving you time and money, while providing the same level of benefits.  
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